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4 Tools To Understand When To Buy And Sell

4 tools to understand when to buy and sell

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🟢 Liquidation and Shorts

It is useful to compare the ratio of short and long positions

usually, if there is a strong overweight in one direction, such as 20/80, the market will liquidate those who have more

the most transparent data here:

these are real open positions

right now the short/long ratio is 11/89

that means that we expect a temporary dip

today there was just a slight decrease on Bitcoin to 22600

will there be more?

GMX analytics

🟢 Stable share and BTC share

The market is a few vessels that pour liquidity (money) among themselves

Conventionally, 3 types:

- stablecoins - Bitcoin

- altcoins

🟠Bitcoin domination

If the BTC market share grows, then the money goes into bitcoin

After that, we should expect the overflow of BTC into ETH and altcoins and pumps

Given that bitcoin is growing

Bitcoin Dominance Chart — BTC.D — TradingView

🟠Stablecoins ratio

the greater the share of stables, the more they will then pump up the market and 🚀

on Tradingview > in the search bar write:


TradingView – Track All Markets

🟢 Don't miss an important level

when everything pumps, you can monitor the price and for fear sell earlier than planned

Or buy more expensive without waiting for a correction

Download the @CoinMarketCap app on your phone and create an account

Download the CoinMarketCap app on your phone and create an account

Set notifications for key assets from your portfolio or shortlist

I put notifications on price changes +/- 20% per day, as well as on key levels for buying or selling

Until the notification works, do not👇

Until the notification works, do not open the chart

The price does not Pumps / Dumps from the fact that you look at them 24/7

🟢 Find any graph

Some sh!tcoins do not have a chart and this is a problem

- where was the ATH? - price at the highs or at the bottom?

A few sites that show graphs for everything:

🟠DEXTools @DEXToolsApp 🟠DEX Screener @dexscreener 🟠GeckoTerminal @GeckoTerminal

📌 Save and use

I wish you a big profits

the main thing is approaching this topic with understanding and intelligence in order to earn more

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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