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Bitcoin Price Continues To Shine – Holds The Line

Looking at🧐 BTC ETH 🔥Week 3 2023🔥 We will be looking at below: BTC.D ETH/BTC DXY US10Y






Indicator JSE bullish XRPL BTC

*Market Cipher*:

Market Cipher - The best indicator around

BTC.D ✍️- On the Daily - Hit our 44.5% target and now seeing a pull back. A sideways move on BTC price and drop in dominance could see some alts move. Dont think the market is ready for this yet MarketCipher

ETH/BTC ✍️ - On the Daily - Break out of the wedge and now a retest of support.... ETH could be strong here and adds to the current Bullish Narrative for all CryptocurrencyMarket. No real change this week.

DXY ✍️ - On the Daily - Break down out of the broadening wedge which would bring strength to risk assets and again adding to the Bullish narrative. Deep red on the Money flow continues. Not much change to the trend during this past week.

US10Y ✍️ - On the Daily -

Keep a close eye on this downward channel, move up here is not good for risk on assets. This maybe the chart to watch next week.

SPX ✍️ - Strong green up trend on money flow with a big red split in RSIs. Looking Bullish at resistance. This is worth taking a closer look at over multiple time frames with marketcipher.

BTC ✍️ - On the Daily - Break out of Falling wedge with momentum and money flow trending up. We kept it simple MarketCipher keep it simple. We are up 29%.

ETH ✍️ - On the Daily - RSIs have only just turned red with strong up trend in Money flow (Green). Top of the triangle is the tech target at 2000.

You do you and a i will do me. 👹

Drop a comment if you disagree or have any questions on the analysis.


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We up 29%

*Market Cipher*:

Market Cipher - The best indicator around
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