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Bitcoin Cash Price Outlook Gloomy

GM! BTC touched the swing high level 22920 that was made during September 2022. Now here it can go towards the swing high point of August 2022 at 24900 or retest 18300 for a healthy correction & then the rally continues. I think bulls will push to 25k first. Let’s see!

ETH is looking good as it continues to trade above 1620 but volumes are still on the lower side. Also deflationary nature of ETH will make it more scarce while the demand remains the same. So it can move further. If it crosses 1720 then we will see a big rally in it! Crypto

altcoins have just started to heat up. It will rally very hard delivering 2-5x returns once we see 25k on BTC rn we are also seeing a good rally across the board. The large caps have done well but mid caps will explode more in days to come. Small caps will join the rally soon!

Summary: BTC looks stable for now & has a support at 21500. If it’s broken the final support will be at 18500 where it should bounce back else we will see everything dumping very hard. On the upside we are still facing selling pressure at 23500. Maybe soon it will be broken!

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