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Bitcoin Continues to Try and Break the Daily Resistance Zone

As spx and dji both had green days,

btc Bitcoin continued to try and break the Daily resistance zone we've been watching for the past few days.

For the 3rd day in a row it tried to break the upper red area and failed.

Today, I'm watching to see if it manages it.

If spx / dji continue ⬆️ , then btc could close the Daily above the red area.

On the 4H, Bitcoin is still struggling with 23,270.

I wanna see a 4H close> 23,270 for a bullish confirmation. Or better yet 2 consecutive 4H closes

Crypto is popping here and there

egld ElrondNetwork had a consecutive Daily close > FVG

As such, I'm now looking to see if it manages to reach the upped red zone.

Then we see what happens there (further upside >47) or return to 43 - 44

egld On the 4H tf

I believe we can consider the FVG done

I have retained 43.59 as support on the 4H

IMHO it is possible we see smth like the path on the chart

We could see 46 ➡️reaction➡️43.59 support holding➡️push higher to 47

Then we can see the probability of 50

eth Ethereum lurking around in a descending channel.

It could break to the upside... just a probability

Maybe something like the path drawn on the chart?

That's a wrap!

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