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 Monthly Altcoin News (EDE too)

1️⃣ EDE @ede_finance

📃 Today i am showing you EDE

📌Collected some Infos the last days

📌Contacted the Team behind EDE too

🎯On the next pages i will show you all Infos you need

✅Lets start ....


BTC ETH bnb Crypto

2️⃣ EDE @ede_finance - Tokenomics

✅ Max supply 30,3 Million

✅ Total supply 28,2 Million ✅ Circulation supply 0,33 Million ( The other 27,87 Million Coins will unlocked over the next 10 years ) ✅ Allready burned over 2 Million Coins


3️⃣ EDE @ede_finance - Website

You can earn/use on different ways:

✅ Provide Liquidity

✅ Trade with Leverage ✅ Incentivised Trading

✅ Govern with gEDE

On the next Page we have a TokenSniffer Check👍


4️⃣ EDE @ede_finance - Tokensniffer

Tokensniffer found no Red Flags 🚩 👉 For me thats a good sign 👉 100/100 Rating

Binance BSC

5️⃣ EDE @ede_finance - FAZIT

✅ Monthly burns from Team Tokens ✅ Low Marketcap from 850k

✅ Nice + Active Team

Bought myself a Medium Bag

Will give Updates for this Project 🎯

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‼️ No financial advice DYOR

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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