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Opinion: $OSMO’s Success = Cosmos Success

1/ OSMO success = Cosmos success.

Let's explore the liquidity pairings within the Cosmos and why OSMO is the BTC

of Cosmos. 🧵👇

2/ @osmosiszone holds the dominant position in Cosmos DeFi.

As such, the majority of tokens on the

Cosmos source their liquidity within Osmosis.

3/ It is also a fact that the majority of liquidity pools on Osmosis are paired in OSMO.

~ 46% of the TVL is OSMO tokens which is paired with other Cosmos tokens.

4/ If a token' primary source of liquidity is Osmosis, and OSMO surges in price.

The paired tokens as a result of the ratio, will enjoy an initial rally as well.

Here's the OSMO trades over the last day and examples after yesterday's 20% rally.

5/ And here is the result of tokens which have significant liquidity within Osmosis paired with the OSMO token.

7/ @StargazeZone STARS

10/ IBC is a Mesh of Communication allowing for economic synergies to take place within sovereign ecosystems.

Because of these deep economic ties, the success of

OSMO will play an integral part of the success of the Cosmos.

11/ I hope you've found this thread interesting.

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