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1/11 Bitcoin goes parabolic and can reach not only 25,000 but even 30-35-40. Why? Because short traders become the fuel for this growth.

My trading plan and targets BTC👇🧵

2/11 📊As far as you know, the whales accumulate a lot of BTC at the bottom and now they should book their profit. It’s only 2 ways to do it:

3/11 1. Force short traders to buy Bitcoin back and close their short positions. Usually, it happens close to the bottom like now.

4/11🚩 As you know, short trade liquidation is the process when the exchange force the trader to buy his position back and return money to the exchange.

In this case, they need to return BTC to exchange, so they buy it using market orders, which in most cases PUMP the price.

5/11 2. Sell Bitcoin and another crypto to retailers in a state of euphoria. Usually, it happens at ATH.

The huge number of retailers ready to buy BTC in huge amounts (liquidity for the🐳to sell millions of BTC ), any alts who will dump by 99% in a year. This is human nature😉

6/11🚩 As you understand, now we are in the first case. Now the whales are going to liquidate shorters and force them to buy their BTC

7/11 ✅ Our first target is 25,000. This is the best target for the whales to sell their Bitcoin to short traders, who open their trades at 16-17-18k.

8/11 All of them will be destroyed at 25-26k because of liquidation.

If the price will grow by +50% which will be at 25-26-27k, most of their positions will be liquidated, unless they will add the margin to their position. I don’t recommend to do it!

9/11 ✅ The next target is 30k where a lot of sl/tp are placed. Such even key levels usually become the walls for the price, because of the amount of liquidity concentrated there.

10/11 ✅ If the price reaches 40k it will be the total annihilation of short trades. The price can stop here because this is massive.

11/11 Traders, do you believe in 60k per BTC till the end of the year? Write your expectations in the comments!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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