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Vertex Trading Fee: $BTC + $ETH For Makers On Debit Cards

1/ Vertex’s trading fee model is competitive with most centralized exchange venues, offering cheap trading for takers and zero fees for makers on major pairs like BTC + ETH spot and perpetuals.

Check out the fee structure below 👇

2/ Trading fees are a critical element of any exchange venue.

On a DEX, trading fees:

- Generate protocol revenue. - Provide an economic incentive for market makers to provide liquidity. - Modulate speculation and manipulation of specific trading pairs.

3/ Makers occupy a special class of users. They take on particular risks (e.g., capital opportunity costs) to provide liquidity.

Makers on Vertex are not subject to trading fees in major spot and perp pairs like BTC + ETH, increasing the incentive to supply liquidity.

4/ Both takers and makers on Vertex will also earn trading incentive rewards in the VRTX token.

The details of the trading incentives program and full VRTX tokenomics will be published as part of the Vertex Public Docs in the next few weeks before the mainnet launch.

5/ For more Vertex updates as mainnet approaches, stay tuned on Twitter, and don’t forget to join the community discussions on Discord!

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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