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Decentralized Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrency: REX


REX is a decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency utilizing smart contracts to provide highly rewarding and flexible time-based investments and bonding financial tools. xrx daxe xen cns cnr hex PulseChain BTC eth doge DeFi Binance cult

Specifically, REX smart contracts provide a native investment option, called "staking": locking up tokens for a period of time to gain rewards, called "staking rewards".

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This is comparable to a time deposit or certificate of deposit (CD) in traditional finance, but with more flexibility and greater possible gains. REX may also be thought of as an internet bond.

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⚠️REX is immutable code, thoroughly tested, proven and made public.

⚠️REX source code (Solidity) is packed with English comments, so anybody may understand it.

⚠️REX source code may be examined by everyone so they may decide whether to interact with it.

First of its kind when it comes to being fully flexible ⬇️⬇️⬇️

⚠️REX is audited (Certik / solidity. finance / TechRate-Hackathon), tested, no-admin, built-to-last.

⚠️REX is completely non-custodial, immutable and has verifiable security.

⚠️REX is not controlled by any person, institution or organization.

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