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Binance Allegedly Loses 80% of ETH in a Single Day

Currently, BTC is sw around the 22k4-22k6 zone, down 2% in 24 hours, 24-hour trading volume over 27 billion, market capitalization of 434 billion BTC ETH Binance CZ FTX DYDX APT AXS tintuc tradecoin tradecoindudinh tradecoinD2 @TradeCoinD2

ETH 0.8% traded recently at 1,615. Eth is again in a deflationary state with nearly a quarter of the ETH burned originating from transactions over the past seven days.

AXS, DYXX, and Aptos are recently ramping up token unlocking, showing signs of falling in price. AXS has increased by 40% compared to the previous number of locked tokens worth up to 64 million dolar

While DYDX is up 64% this month even though the token unlocking will take place on February 2. APT followed a similar trend, up 262% this month.

The wormhole who stole 80,000 ETH last year reappears. According to data from Etherscan, he swapped 95,360 ETH worth around 157 million on OpenOcean and then trades a smaller amount of capital through several DeFi protocols.

CZ has alleged that FTX paid 43 million to a cryptocurrency news outlet that regularly publishes negative articles about Binance.

Binance admits to mixing customer deposits with collateral FBI finds out the hacker group behind the Horizon bridge attack

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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