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Maxcope Blog: There is Correct Maxis Maxis

This post will hurt some people, however, it is an uncomfortable truth that we must learn to accept.

⭐️There is correct maximalism, and there is toxic maximalism.


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2/ Some Bitcoin maxis of today ride on unverified fake news to feed their retail audience in false narratives.

They then shill their paid commercial products.

Don't be fooled.☹️

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3/ ➡️The love for Bitcoin exists and there is a whole world of unbiased researchers on the capabilities and limitations of this amazing commodity asset.

But you won't find alpha by following mainstream clickbait sources like Bitcoin Archive and Bitcoin Magazine.

4/ Remove this type of media content and you will improve your Twitter Timeline.😏

⭐️Less emotionalism and nonsense in your timeline will help you develop a more clear-headed experience in crypto, whether it's trading or an investment choice.

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5/ These pages are like horses with blinkers that see only straight ahead.

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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