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Bitcoin Price Update – H4/19/2016

BTC - H4/H1

One H4 trend, to out trade them all.

Back at recent highs, let's see if this acts as resistance again and if we continue the chop or not.

In any case, H4 tend goat... as always... can't count the of examples shared just the last 12 months lmao.

Both ways... really, and simple. 0 alpha in all this, just 2 moving averages a bit of common sense, a lot of screen time.

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AGAIN could very well just be a range high retest, sweep of the highs or whatever. Doesn't matter, the H4 trend delievered 16.8->23.0k offering entry at perfect timing, avoiding all the chop before.


I insist, we're back at range high/recent highs.

It's not because we blasted through it last week that it HAS to happen the same way this time.

But in any case, H4 trend defended again just confirms my invalidation for BTC exposure which has been the same since 18k == H4 trend.

And denied by the highs, may the fight for LTF trends continue. H4 trend sitting in the 22.4-22.5k region. GL HF everyone !

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