Cardano Starts Offering Raffle for NFTs on Cardano

Hello to my followers! I am sharing my very first Web3 project I am trying out while I learn to navigate the space. It is a Raffle specifically for N

Jom Jom
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Altrader NFT Journey: Me Meandering Through Bitcoin's Frozen Future

My NFT Journey: Nov, 2022 Summary Another eventful month. Time could change our perception. It's easier to forget than to remember. While many beco

Rex Rex Liu $366
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Why is Cryptocurrency Crash In 2022? (ETH)

Why is cryptocurrency crashing in 2022? A ๐Ÿงต ADA ETH Solana

Kid Kid in Crypto
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Cardano, DEX, DAO and WRT: How To Do With $WRT

ADA/WRT liquidity pool is rising ๐Ÿš€ This might be a good time to sum up all of the WRT utilities. Read through this thread and learn what you can do w

WingRiders WingRiders
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How to Swap Tokens in a Simple Guide to Swapping Tokens

Basic guide on how swap tokens in @MinswapDEX , @FlintWallet version. Please RT to help spread the message. Cardano ADA (1/11)

PollitosOnChain PollitosOnChain
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We Need to VOTE Against &amp, Cardano Foundation Votes No

1/ @IOHK_Charles and the community are silent so i'll say it. The Cardano Foundation voted with 15M ADA. 50M voted YES, ~30% of the YES vote as a sing

Dettox.ada Dettox.ada
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