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Cardano Producer NIDO Speaks on Music for Cardano Community


This week we are introducing to you "Synth Flan" by


(@OfficialNID0, who is a talented musician and producer, as well as an admin over at @CNFTAudio a Cardano musician's community

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1/ Intro

NIDO was born and lives in Norway. He was always quite creative and liked to build stuff with his hands, even managing to get a certificate of apprenticeship as a carpenter.

With those skills, in his free time, he would craft cutlery, furniture, and small knicknacks.

2/ Drive

"When I find a source of inspiration, I just have to create as I get a lot of melodies and thoughts around it, which I feel compelled to make happen. I get a sense that I need to bring into existence the melody or mood that it inspired - it's hard to explain..."


"As a child, I never understood English lyrics, so I always connected with melodies first. That stayed the same through 15 years of playing the guitar and then electronic music.

Some of my songs have lyrics but most don't as I express myself best through sound."


'You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength' - Marcus Aurelius

NIDO believes in pursuing virtue for its own sake, thus achieving happiness - "I'm a stoic in my heart and try my best to do so in my mind as well"

5/ Inner Oasis

Art is about being true to oneself and grounding yourself

"I've always found peace in the creation of music whenever I had/have the time. Especially after becoming a dad, between work and parenting, it's easy to lose yourself, and creating keeps me...me."

6/ Crypto intro

"I started with a small bag of ADA & COTI after seeing the Charles Whiteboard video. Then I DCA'd until I tried some dog NFTs on ETH, I got burned by bad decisions before I found my home in Cardano and Pavia gave me a new start as a Metaverse musician. "

7/ Metaverse Musician

"Since then I've been sticking with Pavia and got many connections and friends in different communities. This is what inspires my music - projects and people.

The latest example is my EP inspired by Disco Solaris and some community members."

8/ Disco Solaris Musician

As a collaborative fiction project, it's rather easy to participate in the overall story and get partnerships with people working on different aspects of the world.

It's a codeless metaverse and a thriving one at that!

9/ Imagination trumps reality

"The Disco Solaris Universe is better off with the imaginative approach rather than making a "standard" metaverse. I think more people find it appealing that you can imagine it the way you like, with some core elements that are common for all"

10/ Community over Everything

"I've been in many projects over the years but I've never seen anything like the community in @discosolaris That is thanks to the team's story approach, and the awesome community members continuously building side lore within the project."

11/ Music to one's ears

Overall, NIDO is at the cutting edge of what musicians can do with Web3, he takes music, and storytelling and merges it into a grander narrative.

I'm excited to see what he produces and wish him luck!

12/ Shilling

Be sure to follow NIDO (@OfficialNID0 and you can also give a look at his website for more Nidowave music


13/ Flan & Friends

If you're an artist wanting to participate in the Flan & Friends collection let me know!

You have complete artistic freedom on the subject, along with time to create

We are aiming to feature works by talented artists once a week 🍮

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14/ Stake with FLAN

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Chances to win are proportional to delegation up to a certain threshold to allow everyone a reasonable chance to get a Flan & Friends NFT eventually

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