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The Artists Behind Cardano’s ‘Hosky’ Architecture


Part Hosky, part Flan, introducing the "Hosky Flan" by @Danksy & @TheBigLeHosky, the artists behind @hoskytoken Cash Grabs.

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Today we have a special two-person team-up. If you’re in the Cardano space at all, chances are that you've seen their work already with the Hosky Cash Grab NFTs, but today we'll introduce the people behind the artistic phenomenon.

2/ Meet @TheBigLeHosky

"I've been a graphic designer & photographer for the last 15 years. As a kid, I started in Photoshop, trying to be creative, and learning how it worked. Eventually, I combined different programs and learned how to apply creativity across different fields"

3/ Meet Danksy

"I’ve been in many design/marketing roles over the past 14 years. I'm self-taught, and my design life started on MS paint! We got our first PC around '96, and I used to design football stadiums in Paint and naturally progressed onto Photoshop, Illustrator, etc."

4/ Office Mates

TBLH and Danksy have a lot of design experience between them. They've worked with companies and projects like Shutterstock, Adobe, the London 2012 Olympics and Audi.

They met each other at their jobs about seven years ago and have been working together since.

5/Died in the wool Degens

TBLH discovered HOSKY as many of us did - via the doggie bowl. He got close to 3bn HOSKY and joined the Discord, where he got talking with Hosky and pitched him the idea of working together, he agreed, then told Danksy about it and the rest is history!

6/ TBLH on Cash Grabs Art

"I love the creativity and independence you can get from it. We have a very specific inherited art style, and I relish the creative challenge of thinking up new and crazy traits that people want to see, as well as pushing the boundaries of pixel art"

7/ Danksy on what inspires him

"The challenge! Making 420,420 art pieces using only pixels! Pixel art is simple, but there's a degree of expertise required to make it ‘work’! We don't rush. We meticulously create each trait, ensuring that each bit fits into the HOSKY puzzle"

8/ Why Pixel art?

"The OG HOSKY logo was created by HOSKY Token and was what we were given as a starting point for the C(ash Grabs) – it’s what really defines the style of the entire collection. We use our joint experience and that OG style as a guide to creating the traits"

9/ Danksy on storytelling

"I hope each one tells a story. We never know what will come out, each one is different, and we love it when we see the community sharing their pulls. The C(ash Grab) that sticks in my mind is 214261, and I even came up with a story for it:"

10/ A special legacy

Love or hate them, the Cash Grabs are unique in their approach to the NFT game - they're a self-aware and amusing parody of NFTs in their brazen attempts to monetize. They've also become an easy entrance point for the NFT curious on Cardano.

11/ TBLH's parting thoughts

"Our hosky nft journey so far has taught us that embracing new opportunities that come along even in unfamiliar areas can open up new doors you never thought possible. That has been our experience, and we look forward to what is around the corner!"

12/ Hosky Community

Join a crazy but friendly bunch at

or check out the Hosky website

Danksy and TBLH are active in the community and livestream over at

where you can get sneak peeks of upcoming traits

Join the Hosky Token (HOSKY) Discord Server!Join the Hosky Token (HOSKY) Discord Server!
thebiglehosky - Twitchthebiglehosky - Twitch

13/ Conclusion

I'm honoured to have hosted these well-known artists in the Cardano space, and I thank @hoskytoken for putting us in contact

If you want a chance to win their Hosky Flan, delegate to FLAN this week, winner will be randomly chosen based on their proportional stake

14/ Flan & Friends Collabs

If you're an artist in the Cardano space and would like to get featured, please message me. We're aiming to feature one artist a week, along with their story, and we're always looking forward to showcasing new talent.

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My sincere apologies, just noticed I tagged the wrong Danksy. It's @danksy__ and @TheBigLeHosky

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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