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Here’s a Look at the Tokenomics vs OnChain Reality (OnChain)

A look into @SundaeSwap published Tokenomics vs. OnChain reality 🔍

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1) It seems like Sundaeswap originally placed tokens into eUTXOs with respect to the posted tokenomics, looking at the early eUTXOs. However, it also seems that this intentional separation did not work out.

2) Additionally, looking at the published tokenomics and the on-chain reality captured by the token distribution over wallets, it becomes hard to identify which portion of the tokens are indented for the advertised use case.

4) However, this might not directly indicate any bad intention; it only shows that tokenomics were not executed in a way that would help the community to understand them in review.

5) Due to the lack of transparency, the question arises as to exactly what the quality difference between the treasury and the minting wallet is?

6) The treasury has never been touched, while the minting wallet is in charge of distribution to liquidity pools, so-called "scoopers" as well as to the team and insiders.

7) It might increase the risk for holders to have over 33% percent of the token being divided out this way, as it represents twice as many tokens as the entire community.

8) A note to Wallet u38u, it seems to be a team member or early investor as they received their funds from wallet 966l.

9) 👀Find more details in our provisionally Xerberus report of SundaeSwap here 👇

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