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Everything You Missed at the London Bitcoin Summit

What a day we had!

Thanks everybody for joining us at the London CardanoSummit2022, celebrating all things UK Cardano

🧵Here's a look back at the day...

CardanoCommunity @Cardano_CF">@Cardano_CF

BuildingOnCardano @Cardano

CardanoAda ADA @IOHK_Charles

Firstly, a HUGE shout-out to all those who contributed on the day!

It was amazing to see so many talented and dedicated projects coming together in one place 🙌🏼

Let’s have a look at all the main-stage projects…


– A gamified metaverse providing immersive social, web3 gaming & NFT experiences.

Virtua TVK | Welcome to the Metaverse on Twitter


– Climate Neutral Cardano is an alliance of Cardano stake pools committed to using 100% renewable energy for the operations. ImpactStaking CNCAla ISPO

Climate Neutral Cardano on Twitter

@Astarter – The DeFi infrastructure hub on Cardano backed by @emurgo_io , powering decentralized finance applications and the Cardano ecosystem.

DeFiHubSpace on Twitter


- an automated staking service that balances stake across the network.

Alongside the presentations we also had the Creators panel, a selection of projects with varying disciplines & sectors. All built on Cardano

@DirectEdDev - For a world in which any person can realise their full potential, regardless of their draw in the lottery of life.

DirectEd Development Foundation on Twitter

@realspacepugs - Space Pugs is a passive income NFT project built on the Cardano Blockchain.

SPACE PUGS on Twitter

@3dxpStudios – specialists in designing and building immersive 3DXPerience through using AR, VR & mixed-reality.

3DXP Studios on Twitter

And of course, not overlooking the SPO panel – A selection of UK Stake Pool Operators sharing their beginnings, what drives them and their views on the future of Cardano

@StoicPool - [STOIC] STOIC Stake Pool | 0% Fee | 100% Solar Energy Bare Metal Pool | Single Pool Alliance

Stoic">@stoicpoolStoic Pool

@HephyPool - [HEPHY] Single Pool Operator. @CardanoSPA">@CardanoSPA & @AllianceXspo member with 20% pool fees to charity.

Hephaestus Stake Pool

@FLUID7 - [FLUID] Each day you stake with FLUID pool, we provide a day of Internet access for students in Ethiopia.

FLUID Pool – Join the Future of Finance

">@fluid7FLUID7ablockquotep There was an AWESOME turnout by projects in the NFT area 🔥

With live-minting, project demos, giveaways as well as physical & digital artwork displays... You smashed it!


@CnftTools @crypto_boutique @JlRoyksopp @BookMasha @VirtuaMetaverse @TaChiKuAi @LadSwag1 @matthewjura @CardanoProxies">@CardanoProxies @MADNFTS_IO @thornagus @okdisplay2

Thank you all for contributing to the day! 🥳

The winner of ‘Keep is Secret – Keep is Safe’.

The receiver of prizes..

Clints little helper, if you will..

Possibly the UKs youngest Cardano NFT artist @EctoplasmNFT & his newest project @theturtleznft

Thanks to dad @BadgerAgent for bringing him along!

Charity Auction🙏🏼⤵️

We’re so proud to announce that you raised an incredible 12,500 ADA on the day!

Splitting it between the @CNCardano ISPO charity @TetikasaAla & Upstreams charity @wearegrow___ will enable critical environmental & educational work in the 🇬🇧 & Madagascar.

A HUGE thanks to all the projects donating their prized items for the auction. Obvious to say, but without you it wouldn’t have been possible! @NFTRaffle_Club









And a massive thank you to all the UK based projects who shared their artwork and videos for us to use on the day










We had the best time & want to say a massive thank you to everyone at the @Cardano_CF">@Cardano_CF

for the support we received with hosting the London community-led CardanoSummit2022 🧡

We’ll have more threads and interviews with the projects coming out soon, so drop us a follow to keep up to date ✌️🏼

And keep your eyes peeled for an ongoing auction lot…

And finally... If you’ve made it this far, nice one!

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