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Apologies for the repost, I discovered that putting a video in the original tweet MASSIVELY hurts engagement on a thread. So I decided to nuke it and redo it.

1/ Introduction

The crypto industry developed organically in forums, tweets, blog posts, and white papers by amateur enthusiasts. Because of this, the definitions and the way we talk about crypto are somewhat messy - the same term can have 3 different meanings.

2/ Tower of Babel

At first, when everything was Bitcoin, the industry could cope as everyone had a foundation upon which they could share notes. As the market fragmented, suddenly we lost the ability to understand each other.

3/ WTF do you mean?

When you say something like "TPS" -

transactions per second - how do you count a transaction? Is it how many recipients an execution has, or how many single-user executions happen per second? The word "transaction" is loose and can mean a lot of things.

4/ Academia

While getting a bad rep these days, scholarship is important, not so much in early stages, but later when the frenzy has subsided and we try to make sense of what just happened, it is. Academia allows us to systematize and understand what we know to then build on it.

5/ Cardano & Scholarship

Since its inception, Cardano has championed research in an effort to document and understand how to design the best possible blockchain. It has now expanded and wants to create standards that the rest of the industry can use to have a common language.

6/ Why standardization is important

One of the most important, but least appreciated innovations of the modern era is the shipping container. These standardized boxes allow for goods to be organized in the most efficient way possible, barring playing Tetris with every shipment.

7/ The magic of shipping containers

By creating standardized metal boxes that everyone could plan around, transporting goods became substantially cheaper and more efficient, allowing for our interconnected global supply lines from today - unloading used to take weeks, now days

8/ Standardization Benefits

The industrial revolution, and its abundance, happened because of a shift from artisan workshops to standardized equipment. By creating standards, we can compare results, share them and improve them

We've even standardized tea

The 40 Internationally Standard Cup of Tea


Crypto & Standardization

There's a lot of knowledge, techniques, and ideas being designed and forgotten on some obscure Github. By creating some means of cataloging things, these inventions and discoveries can be shared and repurposed for new projects that benefit us all.

10/ Inventions are iterative

It's much more difficult to independently invent something wholly unique than one might expect. Society invents communally. For instance, writing was only invented three times in human history, the rest were iterations of Cuneiform, Chinese, and Maya

11/ Cardano & knowledge

Recently IOHK gave 4.5m to the uni of Edinburgh to create new standards and formal terms for crypto, such as a taxonomy for decentralization

This will help researchers who work outside of the sector to explore the industry's capabilities more easily.

11/ Viagra?

This medicine was originally designed to help heart problems. Its secondary effects of *ahem* enhancement, only surfaced later when the data was being analyzed

By creating standards for measuring and logging things, you can discover unexpectedly useful effects

12/ Standardization & Data Analysis

Academia's research is not the be-all and end-all, and it's usually something that Cardano critics miss. Cardano doesn't want to replace the creativity of developers, it wants to give them tools so they can actually build on existing knowledge

13/ Conclusion

Standardization by developing a common taxonomy allows field experts to share knowledge, iterate, and make unforeseen connections. Cardano is leading the charge, and if their technical documentation improves, they will be in a very good position

14/ Quick Desserts

It's been a while since I tackled threads over here on Flantoshi instead of Axo. Going forward I want to do these quicker threads on here to keep the Flan Party going.

Don't worry, the main threads on Axo will continue. Just more flan stuff for you all!

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