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The Cosmos Ecosystem: $ATOM 2.0 Reversal


What is the future of the Cosmos Ecosystem?

A breakdown of ATOM 2.0 Whitepaper🧵👇

2/21 The Vision of the Cosmos has always been to create the Internet of Blockchains.

In doing so it enabled a Network of Blockchains ✔Sovereign ✔Local ✔Interoperable

It's success in the creation of the Interchain economy was but a transition in it's journey.

3/21 Along comes the Evolution into ATOM 2.0, building on the CORE values of Cosmos, incentivizing open source building.

While introducing a NEW vision👇

1️⃣ Interchain Security 2️⃣ Liquid Staking 3️⃣ Interchain Scheduler 4️⃣ Interchain Allocator

4/21 By shifting the Hub into becoming the Economic center of the Cosmos Network..

Setting ATOM at the center of this transformation!

And turn the Hub into an economic powerhouse, leveraging it's economic positioning in the ecosystem. 👀

5/21 Interchain Security!

Leveraging the economic weight of the Cosmos efficiently creating value for ATOM stakers.

The Economic Synergies 🔥 ✔Fee generation is aligned with the Hub ✔Lower Barrier to launching blockchains ✔Lower Cost of Security ✔Sovereignty

6/21 Interchain Security is THE foundation to enabling new ecosystems to align their value structure with that of the hub.

And Thus instituting ATOM

as a Scalable cost efficient currency. 💰

7/21 Liquid Staking!

Will pave the way for curving ATOM issuance, here's how 👇

✔Frees liquidity already securing the Hub ✔Mimic Custodial Services offered in Centralized exchanges ✔Expands ATOM utility beyond a "Staking" Asset

8/21 A competitive market will benefit both ATOM stakers and chains within the ICS model.

Liquid Staking Platforms to Date:

👉 @stride_zone 👉 @quicksilverzone 👉 @LidoFinance 👉 @PersistenceOne

9/21 The Interchain Scheduler !

Seeks to Capitalize on...

👉An ever growing and profitable cross-domain maximum extractable value (MEV) market. 👉The Positioning ATOM has (Central to the flow into IBC)

10/21 How large is MEV in Cosmos? Just take a look at the MEV 🛰 into Osmosis.

This is value waiting to be captured and put back into the Hub.

But how will this be done....

11/21 The Interchain Allocator!

Seeks to harness the value extracted by the Scheduler and distribute it back to the Hub.

Think of this as the "Investment Bank" of the Cosmos, essentially holding ATOM as a reserve currency.

ATOM becomes Collateral for the Hub.🤯

12/21 The Allocator provides 2 Tools which will ensure a proper alignment of Communities with the Hub...

13/21 1️⃣Covenant: Establishes contracts amongst IBC enabled chains. 2️⃣Rebalancer: a system for automatically managing portfolios with Hub Liquidity

The Goals?

👉Project Creation 👉Sustainability and Growth 👉Economic Expansion of the Hub 👉Expanding the reach of ATOM

14/21 The goal set forth for the Hub will create an a perpetual model economic sustainability.

Interchain Security will leverage ATOM efficiencies 👇 Liquid Staking unleashes liquidity 👇 Interchain Locator maximizes revenue 👇 Interchain Allocator deploys revenue

15/21 Shifting the Economic model of ATOM the token and the Cosmos ecosystem from an UNSUSTAINABLE inflationary model.

To an efficient capital model...

16/21 In its current form ATOM was designed to balance security with liquidity.

The scaling of Liquid Staking opens solves the issue we faced with security, while providing liquidity. 👀

17/21 As a result...

ATOM issuance could be mitigated!

This would occur in 2 steps:

1️⃣Transition 2️⃣Steady state

18/21 Transition allows chains to:

👉 Join Interchain Security 👉 Subsidize the Hub 👉 Bootstrap Liquidity

Lasting a total of 36 months 💰

19/21 Steady State leads to:

👉A significant decrease in Inflation 👉Significantly reducing the ATOM supply 👀 👉Issuance directed to Community Pool and Treasury

20/21 These are drastic but necessary changes for the longevity of the Cosmos.

ATOM 2.0 is everything it was elevated to be.


⛓Shifting focus back to the Community ⛓Focusing on investments ⛓Extracting Value ⛓Expanding its reach

A true evolution of the Interchain!

21/21 Thank you for reading!

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