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Fear City: Fear City Brings Weapons & Schemes to Bitcoin

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@fearcitynft 6 pages of handwritten notes from the AMA today! Transcribed, and "condensed" of course.

8.4.22 Fear City AMA Notes In no particular order

NFT Artist NFTCommmunity ETH WAGMI

Discord Questions: Do the tentacles matter, are they a reference to something? - they're a reference to the James Bond film Octopussy. SB thought that'd be an amazing name for a strip club in FC.

Can @iamstephenbliss

talk about some of the traits related to Fear City's various secret gangs/societies? - They're weapons, for the most part! He is trying to get away from using guns for violence and more towards odd/cool things like scorpions, blowfish, Oscar trophies, etc.

Stephen mentioned that Thumper's "main weapon is a samurai sword that he stole from the Shadow Snakes gang"!!

Stephen is in Wales right now, visiting family and preparing for "a ton of meetings in London next week, about Fear City with lots of English businesses."

DARKPAPER CHAT: At this point the team moved into discussing the Darkpaper in detail, mostly line by line.

They reaffirmed that -all- genesis collection holders will get priority access to all coming drops, including the comics/animation/more!

Welcome to Fear CityWelcome to Fear City

The target to launch the first merch in September was mentioned again, and they're building a Shopify Store to accommodate the Capsule Collection with Staple.

SB isn't sure if it's going to be 24 hours or a couple days yet, but the vibe was that it will be a limited-time run!

The collection will feature FC gang-related merch, some character highlights, logos, and other surprises.

1-on-1 with SB details: SB will essentially be providing portfolio critiques to any winners. Helping them build/refine/polish their art, and giving them advice he wished he had coming up.

Lunch/dinner chats are something he looks forward to, as well as virtually vibing together.

"However they reasonably want to use the time, I am fine with" -- @iamstephenbliss

This will be available to -all holders- at the start, and -may- become more role-specific in the future if demand becomes super high.

New "Syndicate" Role details: For people who either A. own 1 of each OG Character, or B. ALREADY be a Boss/Kingpin/Overlord before role is created.

Since each Syndicate member gets their own custom 1 of 1, SB is considering making them an official in-canon gang, perhaps with THEIR OWN COMIC DOWN THE LINE!!

Right now, the custom 1/1 art will be busts, but if they end up being super cool he may paint them from the hips up!

Comic Book Notes: The story of FC starts with the first 6 OG comics, which SB will be using to set the visual vibe of the city.

SB had his friend Malcom Wong (Dog Eaters comic creator/movie director/much more) give him advice on screenwriting and the hero's arc, and more!


PRINTS INFORMATION: Their official printing partner is Printed Matter. They do a lot of excellent work, such as providing prints for the Gladstone Gallery!

They will be using prints for interesting things, like some upcoming in-person events.

The Gold Legendary prints will be 20"x20", and signed of course!

BANNER COLLECTIONS: These will help build out the city visually, along with other cool aspects.

Areas that will be part of the collection include Barb's Headquarters, various gang territories, thumper's hideouts, Easter eggs, and much more!

NIFTY DROP: The soundtrack will be featuring heavily in the coming drop, and will include tracks from @JohnnySmoke_

+ A SECRET TRACK (or at least not revealed right now lol)

The tracks from this drop will -also be released on web2 outlets- AFTER, at a later date.

J Smoke showed Jadakiss the FC tracks and they "blew his mind" which is incredible!!

EVENTS INFO: They're looking at doing a really really cool event in New York in October, and the team sounded super excited about this one!

The event in early December in Miami is still coming up as well!

These are my unofficial, ramble-y notes from the AMA today, I highly encourage you all to go listen through it, should the interest and time arise!

Thank you for your attention!

Fear City by Stephen Bliss | Building in a Bear on TwitterFear City by Stephen Bliss | Building in a Bear on Twitter

High Tides Raise -ALL- Ships!

If you're reading this, remember you have all the same tools "The Greats" had, if not more. You can do the thing.

DM me if you need help <3

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