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Aptos of Ultimateness 👑 2 minutes reading from Ethereum

BREAKING: ETH Merge, Hashrate Wars, andamp: The Most Accidental Fork of the Decentralization Wars Ever

A few points on my views:

ETH merge will be unlike any major fork or upgrade (ETC/BCH), there will be chaos analogous to hashrate wars (BCH/BSV) that nuked the market, and amongst all the other ETH forks & ETC; expect battle royale for hashrate/second in line to ETH etc


There will be tons of fear and fud right before, during, and briefly after the merge, + reasons for chaos, impulsiveness & unreasonable behaviour from market participants, to those smart this presents a unique opportunity


If you are trying to predict the merge part by part you have already failed, this is the most unpredictable event crypto can bring & the chance of you nailing it straight are incredibly against you, devise a plan that works regardless of the worst case to be


Longing the PoW ETH forks is a bad idea imo, almost everyone has ETH so it would be unreasonable to believe that whales will drive the forks up like BCH; just to get dumped on by them, might be a quick pump and instant crash for the forks


Additionally we are still in a bear market and no new participants or new liquidity has entered that can elevate prices too high, much less sustain them


So what will I be doing? Watching the show and eating some popcorn, selling the forks when they momentarily spike up, buying the dip on key alts if market pukes, which with all this friction left and right, & unknowns is a high 80% probability imo


There's also another possibility that the merge gets delayed and again; would cause the market to dump short-term, this & real estate market getting crushed gradually does not bode well for risk assets for the short-term (for context watch @elliotrades latest video)


Also people trying to sabotage the next testnet to push merge further back, or actual attacks or sabotages during the merge to complicate things...haters, maxis, governments, tardfi alot of money moving around & at stake that provides incentive

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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