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Crypto News Digest: NIST, NFT, TIFF, and More

A short ๐Ÿงต summarizing @BanklessHQ weekly rollup podcast (08/05/2022)! ๐Ÿ‘‡ crypto eth bankless @RyanSAdams @TrustlessState


The Nomad bridge hacked for 200 million dollars after there was a bug in a routine update. The bug existed for 43 days before someone realized it existed and exploited it.

Only 5% of stolen funds has been returned thus far. Nomadhack


Around 6 million dollars worth of Sol and USDC was stolen from around 8,000 Solana wallets. After deep investigation, it is believed the attack was tied to the Slope wallet mobile app. Attackers used compromised seed phrases stolen from Slope. slopewallet


Tiffany & Co announced their first NFT collection called โ€œNFTiffโ€. They sold 250 NFTs for 30 ETH each in only 20 minutes, raising over 12 million. Each NFT is redeemable for a Crypto Punk diamond necklace. CryptoPunk TiffanyAndCo


Magic Eden announced they will integrate Ethereum NFTs onto their platform. Magic Eden is the leading NFT exchange for the Solana ecosystem. MagicEden SolanaNFT EthereumNFT


Major venture capital firm Adreessen Horowitz A16z leads 50 million seed round for Gary Veeโ€™s NFT project Vee friends. Veefriends current floor price is around 7 eth and has 10.26k items in the collection. A16z has invested into other notable NFT projects including BAYC.

For more crypto news, tune into the the podcast for a deeper summary of this weeks top stories!

Solana Wallet Hack | Nomad Bridge Hack | Ethereum PoW Chain | DeFi Tokens | Coinbase ETH StakingSolana Wallet Hack | Nomad Bridge Hack | Ethereum PoW Chain | DeFi Tokens | Coinbase ETH Staking
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