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Bitcoin Reaching a Big Level?

Getting to be that time?


This is a big level.... ETH.

Maybe deviate above to trick people into getting mega bullish?

Maybe actual break through because of the merge?

I shorted... main reason is I would be more mad at myself for not shorting it if it turns around that getting stopped out if it pumps.

Would ETH really go to 2300 from here?? It is possible... I imagine that is what they want us to think... but with the merge coming it could happen.

Maybe go up and deviate around 2156

This is possible ETH

@pinta97 I don't think stocks and crypto are going to do well though over this next couple of years... I feel recession glooming.

I just don't vibe people getting excited again financially for a decent chunk of time.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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