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One Year Later, Milestones for Moonsama, The Exosama Launch, and Who’s at Moonriver

1/50 Today marks 1 year from Moonsama launch but it'll also mark the Exosama launch.

To wish a happy birthday to the Moonsama community, as well as onboard the EXO ETH community I'm posting this thread summarizing 1 year of ecosystem happenings + giving away 10k POOP 🎉🧵👇

2/ First I need to say this is a truly special community. As someone who was never a big believer of online communities and always preferred to spend time with real faces, I must say I grew to love "the metaverse" and my online friends in it.

3/ There's not a single community in the world that's more active, engaged, and helping. I've seen some great initiatives and some people help privately - with 0 personal interest behind it. We did go through a lot over a year though.

4/ I don't want to make this too soppy and make it sound like we were going through some tough times. Not every moment was us collecting funds to help another person. It was mostly killing each other in games, banning each other in groups, making gifs, memes, songs, etc.

5/ We constantly have lots of fun together and I'd say that's the best explanation for Moonsama's success.

Fun is the best utility a project can have as we often chase short-term fun instead of big financial gains. I've found myself 'investing' 6 figs in 'jpegs' of poop, fish...

6/ Moonsama came to birth 1 year ago today when it was founded as the first NFT collection and NFT marketplace on Moonriver, with no intention of building a multi-chain GameFi ecosystem. Now you may ask yourself how it came to this, what was the goal at the time…

7/ Well, the project was founded by @DonnieBigBags

- a big influencer with nearly 150k followers on Twitter.

He was the leading promoter of the Polkadot ecosystem, called everything early, and made hundreds of millions of dollars.

8/ As he was big on Polkadot for years before there was even a possibility to build on top of it, he was very excited to see Moonriver launch - the first L1 on Kusama (sister network) and he wanted to help make it better, as well as lead with example...

9/ He wanted to show others how easy it is to just build something (he motivates, supports, and helps others quite often). So, he just said one day “let’s build this” and it happened within a week, with the help of co-founder & CTO @KyilkhorSama who recently revealed himself...

10/ ... as Adam Nagy, someone who’s built blockchains and projects before (was head of blockchain at @energywebx - used by companies like Shell, partnered with companies like Google).

11/ We started talking about how we all like Minecraft so the next month they connected Moonsama NFTs to Minecraft, creating an in-game economy with bi-directional assets. Each Sunday, the community gathered to play a Minecraft event (“carnage”) for two hours to have fun...

12/ ... kill their friends, and gather as much Minecraft gold, iron, wheat, etc with the possibility to later sell or burn for crafting purposes. So far, we crafted plots, loot boxes, rods, bait, and Pondsamas with “alpha resources”.

13/ The resources needed were aGOLD, aIRON, aSTONE, aWOOD, aSTRING, aGRAIN, and aFISH. Their price action usually isn’t that good, besides random x’s that come sometimes with influencers or low liquidity. But they always experience significant spikes in prices during...

14/ ... the crafting periods and the final one should come very soon as we transition into a beta economy (different currencies) with Exosama’s launch. Note: aEXP is yet to gain utility (upgrades across the multiverse) + moonstones for sword crafting.

15/ All of these assets held value well even with their high inflation since the rewards that come from crafting tend to be of great value. So, people were ready to spend money to be able to earn more of these Minecraft resources...

16/ ...(the average Moonsama used to earn hundreds of dollars worth of them every Sunday). How did they do that? By buying off-hands that enhance their in-game experience (moonbrellas prevent fall damage, moonrum gives strength…).

17/ They’re also ready to spend money for flex via aesthetics and rarity that come into play with some NFTs (there are usually different versions of art with different rarities for NFTs with the same utility). Things haven’t changed much since Minecraft banned NFTs...

18/ Off-hands are supposed to have utility in the gaming hub Moonsama is building (each week different web2 game we vote on). They already have utility in the game engine used in the auto-battler on telegram with Pondsama NFTs.

19/ One big change will happen these days though as VIP tickets (that used to provide access to Minecraft) will turn into 3 different NFTs (mercenaries, background, onesie… more relevance to Exosama).

20/ Another big NFT collection is Pondsama. We minted nearly 10k of these fish (max supply pretty much reached looking at how many alpha resources are left) and they provided us with POOP airdrops for every snapshot that used to happen once a week but now stopped.

21/ They currently provide no financial value, but the lore of the main metaverse (

- just shipped, allows for thousands of players, and is connected to telegram and discord) is based on them.

Pondsama Metaverse

22/ Their auto-battler strategic game is also only in the alpha test phase and at some point, it’ll start being competitive as people fight to win POOP tokens as rewards. The fish will be upgradeable, re-rollable, as well as rentable with POOP.

23/ Now, let’s move on to the final big collection on Moonsama’s marketplace on Moonriver: Moonsama. This is the brand, the heart of the project, the governance. Moonsamas have always been privileged through enhanced in-game experiences, additional rewards + numerous airdrops.

24/ Not only did they enable holders to earn at least dozens of thousands of dollars so far, but they also have amazing branding and an amazing community - nobody wants to give up their Moonsama, it’s their digital identity and an access key to...

25/ an amazingly helpful and friendly community (we’ve donated thousands of dollars to sama-friends in need, organized many IRL meetups…). If you want to be a member of Moonsama Mansion (a tokengated telegram group with thousands of messages per day and a lot of alpha shared)..,

26/ ... you need to own a Moonsama. This is also a way to get financial benefits that come out of nowhere. For example, we recently became VCs - had the opportunity to invest into Public Pressure: NFT music project backed by Francesca Versace & huge web2 companies, artists...).

27/ Governance is also very important. We held a lot of votes through on-chain governance integrated into a Minecraft townhall (where we also hold weekly AMAs) as Moonsamas are the heart of this ecosystem and they get to decide on what happens with any other asset, game, etc.

28/ The next airdrop happening for Moonsama is 2 Exosamas per Moonsama (that came along with the opportunity to premint them at a price of 1k as well as get scrolls on Moonriver that were usable in Minecraft to get extra rewards). Exosama is supposed to bring the masses to us.

29/ We all believe that the Polkadot ecosystem is on a technical level the best ones - Moonriver and Moonbeam are the two fundamentally strongest L1s as they’re the most interoperable ones through XCM integrations with other chains, as well as connected contracts, and...

30/ They have features such as on-chain governance, L0 transferred/shared security, runtime upgrades, and of course transactions of high speed as well as low fee costs. But, the users, activity, volume, etc are elsewhere.

31/ So, we’re going to Ethereum with Exosama to reel in people from Opensea. They’ll buy their exos there but they’ll come to Moonbeam and Moonriver if they want the full benefits of NFT 2.0 technology.

32/ We don't know much about Exosama. We think it unlocks “Battle of Nova”, we’ll be able to fight aliens alongside our pets, and 10 Exosama = Moonsama in terms of power/rewards. This is why 6k< is seriously undervalued. But we're here as art collectors that like to play games.

33/ The final part of this ecosystem showcase is all about Moonbeam.

A couple of weeks ago the team has launched the Opensea of Polkadot - Raresama, the premier NFT marketplace on Moonbeam. It recorded millions of GLMR in volume in the first few days.

34/ All of the fees go to MCF (Moonsama Community Fund) which is used to distribute rewards to Moonsamas and Exosamas (maybe Pondsamas and Gromlins soon?) through multiverse participation.

35/ Besides bringing all of the biggest artists from the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem (by figuring out the utility for them through ponds & multiverse) Raresama has also launched its own collection named Gromlins - these creatures are getting their own game similar to Mario Kart 🔜

36/ While the NFTs are traded in GLMR, another token has utility on it - POOP. If you want to become a member (pfp, banner, name, bio..) you need to pay a one-time fee of 100 POOP which then goes to the MCF but Moonsamas can even vote to burn the fees.

37/ In that case 20% of the circulating supply would be burned if the marketplace reaches 1 million members (for reference Opensea has over 1 million active users at the moment). However, POOP will be burned anyway as it’s used as an anti-spam / anti-rug mechanism.

38/ It's a requirement for creators to mint collections. Besides being the marketplace’s utility token it’s also its governance token so the marketplace would be decentralized in Web3 fashion, unlike Opensea.

39/ More utility will come in the Pondsama metaverse and across games/metaverses, and more burning mechanisms will be implemented (for example it’ll very likely be needed to reroll, rent, and upgrade fish). Buyback programs are already being implemented as Moonsamas have voted...

40/ ... to use the hundreds of thousands of GLMR collected through fees to buy POOP. The token used to have sky-high inflation as it was distributed into the hands of the community through Pondsamas / early-on metaverse participation but that has since stopped.

41/ The token will only have 10%/y inflation for metaverse rewards. It used to be a token on Moonriver but is now only on Moonbeam. The goal is to demonstrate the capabilities of Polkadot so it’s an interoperable XC token and it’ll go to more chains, AMMs, DEXs, CEXs... very soon

42/ So far it’s only listed on two Moonbeam DEXs but it has millions of dollars in liquidity and volume. Its success is important as the only truly liquid asset of the ecosystem and it did more than a 4x since launching on Moonbeam DEXs ~10 days ago, despite market conditions.

43/ It’s also a test for what’s to come. Moonsama is expected to move to its own parachain in 2024 and have its own token which will probably give millions of dollars in value to each Moonsama once airdropped but will also probably be airdropped to the holders of POOP & Exosamas.

44/ I didn’t get to talk about a lot of amazing things that the brilliant 30-member @MoonsamaNFT

team has delivered (example: implementation of @Kiltprotocol DID’s & gamer tags in the multiverse). But, I have no doubt the team will be delivering more often than I can tweet.

45/ This is the only project that delivers more than others promise, constantly surprises its incredibly engaged community, and is betting on a multi-chain future with its gaming ecosystem consisting of dozens of NFT collections and games, as well as multiple...

46/ marketplaces and metaverses across two L0s and two L1s, currently valued (its assets are) at over 100M - a few hours ahead of the launch on a third and biggest L1 - Ethereum. Exciting things are coming.

Exosama needs to and will be a big success.

47/ Reference tweet: - POOP @ 0.068, going to 1 2023 - Moonsamas @ 65k, going to 200k Q4-Q1 - Exosamas @ 1k, going to 20k Q4-Q1 - aEXP @ 0.01 MOVR, going to 0.1 Q3-Q4 2022 - MSAMA inexistent, going to 30B mcap

48/ If you want to learn more about what's been happening and the ecosystem Exosama will integrate as the most important players, check out:


Infosama - The SamaVerse

49/ Almost forgot about the giveaway.

Retweet or quote RT the top post ("1/") and leave a comment with your address - you might receive a 10k airdrop (by future POOP prices of course now it's 680 due to Davids). Will be random. Good luck!

50/50 That would be all. I know I'll see my Moonsama friends in Pattaya exactly 1 year from now, and I hope this thread finds the right ETH people so we have an even bigger party. Just don't bring any Davids.

You'll come for the art, stay for the games, and wait for parties.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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