The Art of the Bubble
The Art of the Bubble 6 minutes reading from Ethereum

Altcoin Price Analysis: How A New Sell-Off Could Give You Free Money

The ETH Fountain⛲ keeps on giving, How A New Ethereum Product Will Give You Free Money🧵👇

1/ Our new Crypto product can help you develop a trading strategy to nullify ETH price movement and net ETH yield while we make our way through this Crypto winter❄️.

2/ In one way, a version of this product has existed for quite a while. They’re called options. However, what we’re going to discuss is ~much~ easier to use than options🥳.

3/ Another point to clarify is that those of you who are in the US may have a harder time using this strategy. It turns on using coins from @indexcoop and they will geo-fence you.

4/ It’s not illegal for you to own these coins, they’re just trying to protect against possible SEC litigation. To avoid that, download a VPN program like ExpressVPN👍.

5/ BTW💡, If you want to get the free signals, just hit the follow➕ button on Twitter: @lspurcell and the team @ArtofTheBubble for the fastest updates.

6/ Now let’s start by going to the Index Coop Products page. You’ll be wanting to use the Inverse ETH (InvETH for short) for this strategy. (

Index Cooperative (Index Coop) | Crypto Index ProductsIndex Cooperative (Index Coop) | Crypto Index Products


What does it do🤷? Well, it goes the opposite direction of ETH. If ETH goes up 1, this goes down 1. When you bet on something going up, that means you have a long position.

8/ When you expect it to go down, you have a short position. This is pretty much a short ETH coin (it’s not actual shorting, but simulates that).

9/ In theory, this product shouldn’t experience drift 💨even during volatile times. The AOTB team will introduce a drift analysis into our monthly rotation of data points just to monitor that. We post this FOR FREE on our webpage news 👉

The Art of The BubbleThe Art of The Bubble

10/ The main idea of the strategy is that you can completely neutralize ETH’s price volatility and net the staking yield “for free.”


If you’re familiar with options, this is close to taking a long position in a basis trade, except that the yield return is guaranteed here (though a basis trade could be more profitable). Now, let’s discuss a twist on this idea.🔀

12/ The crash cost averaging twist🌀 instructs you to buy at fixed percent interval declines in a Crypto winter, rather than every week (which is a temporal interval).

13/ This did better by 180% in backtests, and its presently killing all “smart money” competitors in the crypto space, such as @Binance and @a16z


In combination with The ETH Fountain ⛲strategy It simulates buying in at those prices ~while~ earning ETH yield. But what do you do with the money you earn from selling your InvETH?


Again, vary to suit your taste in risk. But you could sell your InvETH and yield farm that. Or, you could sell it and buy more ETH (simulating a double-sized entry position). Or you could buy something else.

16/ At some point, yes, you’re going to have to sell out of your ETH position when the market goes back up. When do you do that? Well, it’s a bit tricky🎃.


That’s why we provide a paid service with algorithmic signals that identify selling points. It’s done very well since the 2018 crypto crash, and year to date it’s out-performing the “smart money” (in yellow) by about 100%🤗.


Anyway, it’s a super easy way to hedge your ETH holdings and that allows for some really interesting ways to net yield without taking on the risk of ETH’s price volatility😆.


That’s a yield about as free as anything gets in the Crypto

world. If you would like to know more check out our website👇 Happy Trading!!

The Art of The BubbleThe Art of The Bubble
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