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The Billion Founders of Zeus, the Second Largest Cryptocurrency

Are you smarter than a 5th grader? 🧠

ETH 160B @scale_AI 7.3B @oyorooms 9B @upstart 1.7B @luminartech 2.6B @figmadesign 20B @Polkadot 7B @loom 1.5B @Forge_Global 320M

What's common among these companies?

Investors? Co-founders? Launch year? YCombinator?


Peter Thiel 💪

What started in 2011 to pay talented kids 100k to drop out of college now counts billionaire startup founders among its alums.

Here's a quick look at the maverick movers and shakers a la Thiel Fellows👇

.@zoink was a junior majoring in cs at @BrownUniversity when he took a semester off to intern @Flipboard

he decided to apply for a thiel fellowship during his time off, thinking he might start a drone company. he made it into the 2012 class.

with his friend/former TA @evanwallace he ended up using the 100k to start a design and prototyping platform for teams they called @figmadesign that Adobe acquired recently for 20B, making Dylan a 2B fortune.

Here's the backstory on how Figma started.

.@VitalikButerin got into crypto in high school. he co-founded @BitcoinMagazine tried to get an internship @Ripple (but couldn't get a visa), then published a white paper proposing @ethereum in 2013.

he dropped out of @UWaterloo after getting a thiel fellowship in 2014.

.@ethereum launched in 2015 and is now the second biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, making vitalik a billionaire....for a while.

growing up in silicon valley, @lucy_guo learned to program in second grade and was making 5 figures by high school from internet marketing and ad businesses.

she was studying cs at @CarnegieMellon when she was named a 2014 thiel fellow.

the app she worked on during her fellowship shut down, so she did stints at @quora and @snapchat as product designer before cofounding @ycombinatorbacked @scale_AI with @alexandr_wang in 2016. she left scale (now valued at 7.3b) in 2018 to run early-stage vc @BackendCapital

as a kid @paulxgu spent hours reading and self-learning @BNBuzz while his parents worked multiple jobs. it all paid off when he got into @Yale

but in 2011 he was accepted into the inaugural class of thiel fellows and he dropped out.

with ex-@Google execs @davegirouard and anna counselman, he launched @Upstart in 2012 to help people get loans based on non-traditional variables.

after going public in december 2020, the company now market cap of 1.7B.

@sohailprasad was only 18 when he went through @ycombinator the company didn't make it, so he worked @zynga as a pm before starting equidate (now @Forge_Global), a secondary marketplace for private company shares, with @rsamvit in 2014. he was named a thiel fellow in 2016.

@riteshagar always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. he was getting coached for the IIT entrance exam when he started taking short weekend trips to delhi, inspiring him to build hotel chain @oyorooms.">@oyorooms

he didn't get into IIT, but he did get accepted as a 2013 thiel fellow.

Oyo rooms is planning an IPO in India in 2022 at an estimated valuation of 9B

austin russell memorized the periodic table at age 2, was writing software by 10 and started working on self-driving car software company @luminartech at 17.

he was studying applied physics @Stanford when he was named a 2013 thiel fellow.

@luminartech,">@luminartech which has announced partnerships with @ponyai_tech @airbus and @volvocars among others, went public via spac in december 2020. it now has a market cap of over 2.6B

As a kid @_shahedk made money by cranking out online storefronts and websites by teaching himself how to code online.

At the ripe old age of 20, when most kids are in college or living with parents, he was already a bit of a wunderkid as an EIR at @NFXGuild

He joined thiel fellowship in 2017 when already working on @loom with @vhmth and @yoyo_thomas

Loom is now a 1.5B company.

Here's more on Loom.

.@rphmeier was building @polkadot with @gavofyork ethereum co-founder when he was selected for the thiel fellowship.

He'd already dropped out of college a couple of years back to build Polkadot.

Polkadot raised 140M in 2017 through an ICO and today has a market cap of 7B, being one of the top 10 coins globally.

That's all folks.

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