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Aleo to Be Built On Zero-Fee Cryptocurrency Powered By Aleo

🤫@AleoHQ Aleo & Zero-knowledge > Aleo are doubling down > Fast-evolving and decentralizing > Aleo is becoming a foundation for zero-knowledge applications. > ‍Aleo is building the future of dapps.

🗣️Twitter Thread (0/6) Aleo ETH Ethereum cryptocurrency web3

@AleoHQ /1 As web applications demand greater scalability, privacy, and auditability, we at Aleo are doubling down on an ecosystem of decentralized applications powered by zero-knowledge cryptography.

Aleo ETH Ethereum cryptocurrency web3

@AleoHQ /2 In the past year, was launched Aleo Testnet 2, home to over 10,000 nodes and which is producing millions of zero-knowledge proofs–more than any platform in history.

Aleo ETH Ethereum cryptocurrency Web3

@AleoHQ /4 Over the past 6 months, Aleo has run the largest setup ceremony in history, in preparation for the production launch of the Aleo network. Aleo developer grants program is designed to accelerate the vision for truly private and totally personal experiences on the web.

@AleoHQ /5 The future of decentralized applications will be built on zero-knowledge cryptography powered by Aleo.

@AleoHQ /6 Aleo is paving the way for zero-knowledge proofs on the web and Aleo want to welcome developers everywhere to experience the power that this technology offers

Aleo ETH Ethereum cryptocurrency Web3

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