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Stop Sleeping on NFT, Seer Light, and Video: Seer Presents a Separate Artwork

🔥Stop Sleeping NFT alpha thread🔥

This week's 1/1 thread is on my favorite artist and the one who started my journey into NFTs, @seerlight . It wasn't until I saw his amazing work that I went all in on the space so let's do a


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The first pieces I stumbled upon from Seer were his Token Pills on NG. They were so diff than anything I had seen to that point that I stopped and stared what seemed like an hour. The grids in the background and slight back and forth animation were mesmerizing.

Diving deeper into his work was even more impressive. His 1/1's were the most intricate in the space. Each piece was immensely detailed and also animated in his his sig style. It was easy to see that these took weeks to create, the effort and care put into each work is obvious.

When I asked Seer about his work, he told me “My work explores a lot of childhood escapism and nostalgia. I'm very inspired by 90s and 80s retro anime shows and aesthetics in general."

"I'm also very fascinated by vaporwave visuals and the story behind how it came about. They're part of the reason I include the grids in my work.”

This response was eye opening to me bc I hadn't made the connection to the vaporwave/synthwave aesthetic. I understood nostalgia of the classic anime characters, but the colors and vibe took on a new depth for me after making the vaporwave connection.

These colors are so fundamental to this era of digital art that I wonder if others are consciously referencing the v wave aesthetic as well.

One thing I especially love when scrolling thru an artist's work is when I can trace the key moments in which the style they are known for emerges. If you track Seers insta, you can see his signature grids emerge first subtly in his piece Im Home but then fully in The Moon Thief

Grids like this are usually used as guide tools in graphics programs. They help an artist space or scale their work but they are usually turned off before finishing a piece.

To leave the grid up in the background of a nostalgic anime piece seems random and nonsensical at first but somehow it works. This took more courage than a non artist might realize and ended up being a stroke of creative genius.

Only now learning about Seers vaporwave inspiration do I think about the old vaporwave images that use the grid as a road in some kind of retro metaverse. Could this kind of image influenced the use of Seers grids?

The creative aspects of Seers work are backed up by top level tech ability. In most of his 1/1s he creates vast landscapes. But in his recent “M2-Spilt” he not only achieves an amazing female character rendition but the animation and immense detail within the head is mind blowing

My favorite book of all time is PKD's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? In a famous scene the hero is intimate with a woman that he doesn't know is a robot. At the climatic moment she explodes apart and her robotic insides are exposed. M2-Split

always remind me of this

I am a huge Pepe collector and Seer is integral to that collection. His first pepe PEPEPOPO is from the early Fake Rares s3 and both he and @GrantYun2 have now iconic pieces from that series. Imo they helped legitimize Rare Pepes as serious art

I was able to mint his 2nd pepe BOOTLEGGED. It was chaos in the Rare Pepe telegram that day and the mint only lasted 5min. BOOT stands out for me bc it is the closest thing to glitch art that Seer has dropped.

I'll never forget one of the most iconic breakouts in NFT history. I witnessed and was active in Seers @capsule_house discord when he absolutely crushed his ATH sales price 10 times in a row. Starting with the now famous Takoyaki Stand.

An absolute war between @punk6529 and @krybharat kicked off what would be a career defining run of sales. Today the avg Seer 1/1 goes for 100e. Seer recounts those 2 months in this thread

SeerLight 💊🌙 on Twitter

Seer also has the best TikTok in NFTs. I really like how he shows his progress and also his sense of humor. This one video has been viewed over 1.3m times!!

And this recent vid of him fighting off people asking for free art actually intimidated me. I didnt want to reach out ask him questions for this thread bc it made me realize how many Dms he probably gets every day lol. (I reached out anyway)

On his Deviant Art page, Seer lists Yuumei as one of his fav artists. Looking thru Yuumeis work I can see the resemblance to Seers earlier work. It is very cool to someone inspired at first but then find their own unique path as well.

Yuumei even has a piece with a blue haired girl in a pink hoodie. It bears a bit of a resemblance to Seers pfp. Could there be a connection there?

My single favorite Seer piece is Zelda Vending Machine. I played a lot of Zelda on the original NES (dating myself) and this work evokes the most nostalgia in me out of any other piece. I had not felt longing in my heart like when I first saw this one.

Fun fact: The name Seerlight comes the game Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Seer is a job class and Light is a type of armor.

On the fandom page the description of a Seer reads “The magick of the Seer can decimate foes and mend wounded allies.

Seer also recently dropped a 1/5 for the Cap House Card collection. The mint is a random pull and the chests are still unrevealed. So at .06e for a chest you stand to pull a 1/5 Seer that will instantly be worth much much more than that. Link here.

Finally Id like to vouch for Seer as a person. I was able to meet Ron IRL at NFT NYC and he graciously put with me at two diff events. He's truly the most humble and kind human being in the space and I am very lucky to have met him. (Us at the Cap House party below) Cheers fren🍻

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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