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The Intact Man - The Machine of the World

- The Intact Man -

A literary experiment in NFTs, a short story in poetic prose beautifully illustrated

In a @manifoldxyz contract with all data stored in Arweave

Special Edition for auction or Limited Editions 0.05 ETH

Follow the thread to read the complete work 1/12๐Ÿงต

The Intact Man is a short story in poetic prose. Between symbolism and poetry the narrative traces the nuances of life, the relationships and encounters that form each one. Being intact means remaining indifferent to the fragility that makes us capable of exchanging affections

We are made of multiple parts, as humans we are a puzzle built throughout our relationships. We are partly our parents, our friends, our loves. Happy and sad affections, moments of melancholy and great joy. To be alive is to be subject to the inconstancy that is existence itself

What happens when we meet someone who profoundly changes who we are? This is the experience of the protagonist, a man who decides to continue his life intact, however, he meets someone who takes him out of this position and opens up the machine of the world

The Machine of the World is a poem by Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade. In the present text, the poem works as a symbolic guide, capable of operating existential changes. The machine of the world reveals what is beyond simple everyday experience

In this story, affective interactions take place without metaphors. Giving a piece of your heart to someone you love is a concrete act. An exchange of pieces. To love is to have a piece of another person in you, reciprocally, it is to give a piece of yourself to the other

The outcome of the story takes up the question of what it means to be intact. What happens to refusing to exchange pieces of yourself. And what happens when you give yourself without getting anything in return

Illustrations are made with AI using text as a prompt. Inspired by the style of Edward Hopper. They carry a solitary and anonymous atmosphere. Throughout the story the illustrations gradually change style, reflecting the protagonist's internal conflict as the narrative progresses

This work has the Arweave file in its metadata with:

- PDF file

- MP4 file - Folder with all pages in JPG 3000 pixels (including the 12 illustrations)

The Special Single Edition still has an exclusive hand-signed cover

This work with layers of symbolism and fluid language will lead the reader to deep questions about the human existential condition.

It was a long work that now reaches the public

I hope you enjoy reading ๐Ÿ˜

You can find the limited editions on the claim page

The Intact Man - Limited Edition

The Special Single Edition is up for auction on

The Intact Man - Special Single Edition
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