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Splash on @SmolBoyzLand Investigators Investigate $180,833 in Stolen Bitcoins

🧵1/6 Our findings on @SmolBoyzLands allegedly failed project and its 2 founders @reaganeth and @vanessasierra00

Total mint funds: 153 ETH ~ USD 182,833 Involved wallets: 24

We couldn't find any malicious activity. But let's see where the money went 💸👇


🔹Wallet 1: 45,57 ETH to 0x5f9794fb75929fe7521891658e00c37d40f05669 W1 is directly linked to itsreagan.eth (@reaganETH and is the wallet used to send all the funds to Binance.

It has received a total of 123.83 ETH (148,667) and has sent a total of 123.79 ETH (148,620).

3/ 🔹Wallet 2: 38,78 ETH to 0x7a11462c886357c240e37bb71a6716e73e364621 W2 is @SmolBoyzLands creator wallet, linked to itsreagan.eth on the first and last tx.

🔍 It took us 5 hours to perform this investigation; wait until you see the 3rd wallet...

4/ 🔹Wallet 3: 20,94 ETH to 0x3d0de4563043228eee85ae44fd948963288f8c5d

This is itsreagan.eth aka smolboyzland.eth wallet.

Get ready for this 🐳 numbers:

It has received a total of 1,626.42 ETH (1,941,054) and has sent a total of 1,598.96 ETH (1,908,280).

5/ 🔹Wallet 4: 10,4 ETH to 0xcd3ff304c269dc299e48ec8e7129cae8dece573a

🔍Why is this wallet essential? It's linked to vanessasierra.eth (@vanessasierra00)">@vanessasierra00

We found other wallets that belong to her:

itsvanessa.eth van00sa.eth evamay.eth violettabert.eth igotnicetitties.eth

6/ As you know, we are working on a rug pulls database to provide all this information to the NFTCommunitys.

We will find the connections with other rug pulls and how the ones constantly rugging behave and execute their scams.

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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