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I Made a Mistake Creating an ERC712 Contract…with No Price

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"open" editions or the story of my mistake 🌿


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i drew an illustration and decided to post it on the @manifoldxyz in the open edition, but created an ERC712 contract 😒 that was the first mistake.. then i mixed up the goerlis and eth, and mint 100 copies on the foundation. I was terrified! 1/4

i started to panic and my first thought was: burn it all immediately!!! before anyone sees and finds out how stupid i am 🫣 but my friends reassured me and convinced me not to act too hastily and that it wasn't that bad (i love the nft community) kiss sshayni and polza ♥️ 2/4

i decided not to burn it yet and just trust the flow! (although i did burn a copy while i was frantically waiting for a response from found support) 😬 now it's 99ed with no price i'll be listing them as i go along, but you can also send me any offers i'd like to accept! 🤍 3/4

i'm insanely grateful for all the support! i don't take it for granted, I feel care and love! thank you so much! ⭐️🫶🏼♥️ and

in this illustration i am with my stars and flowers 🥰 4/4

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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