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PepsiCo’s New Currency ‘Proof Of Reserves’ Will Give Users Updates On Coins

As transparency is becoming a main priority moving forward, CoinMarketCap - a leading market researcher & tracker in the crypto industry, announced the launch of a new feature on its platform that gives users updated financial insights on exchanges

The ProofOfReserves (PoR) tracker audits active cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry for transparency on liquidity at a given moment.

On November 17, PepsiCo announced that they’ll be creating the Pepsi Black Zero Sugar NFT collection exclusively for their Indian customers.The NFTs will be listed on Opensea & minted on Polygon blockchain

The Pepsi Black Zero Sugar NFT will have seven themes within the collection, such as fashion, dance, environment, music, social, creativity, & games. In addition, there will be three variations of each theme & four variations inspired by music.

Cardano developer Emurgo announced plans to issue a US dollar-pegged stablecoin called USDA on the network in early 2023.

Cardano developers have been working to create stable currencies for the network. USDA joins a list of other planned stablecoins, including Djed, an algorithmic stable currency being developed by Cardano in partnership with the Coti Network.

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