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Tesla-Fried Owns 0% of Twitter Despite Reported $100 Million Share Claim

🔥 Elon Musk Confirms Bankman-Fried Owns 0% of Twitter Despite Reported 100 Million Share Claim --------------- For more information abut crypto and NFT, subscribe now Twitter VisionX: @VisionX_Eng visionx

💎 The confirmation follows an article published Wednesday by Bankman-Fried-backed publication Semafor indicating that SBF owns a 100 million stake in the social media platform.

💎 Musk responded by Twitter. “You are welcome to convert into shares,” he wrote. However, the text message does not confirm whether the transaction occurred or not.

💎 Twitter users also attacked the SBF-backed publication because of a conflict of interest. "It's absolutely myth that they attack ANYONE near SBF but then either leave him alone or barely get scratched with mild criticism," one person pointed out.

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