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Polkadotot Adds ‘Nested NFTs’ to Its Internal Platform

Nov 25 2022 @Polkadot Ecosystem News

@ZenlinkPro has been integrated into @bifrost_finance Polkadot.

Polkadot Web3 Blockchain DeFi DEX Crypto Dotsama

@LBankIndia joins @Reef_Chain as a partner for the upcoming Web3HackDays, a developer-focused event happening in Bengaluru where countless passionate developers await to create & ship dApps with fellow BUIDLers on the Reef Chain.

@NovaWalletApps latest update V4.0.3 is now available on iOS & Android.

Introducing 'Nested NFTs: A New Take on NFTs' via @Unique_NFT chain on @Polkadot.">@Polkadot

An Amazing Upgrade of @OmniBTC Website:

✅More graceful UI. ✅Clearer classification of wallets.

✅The best liquidity on Aptos, we have integrated with more DEXs @AuxExchange

@xyfinance 1 bridge on Astar has officially been accepted into @AstarNetworks

Build2Earn dApp Staking Program.

@CrustNetwork announced the partnership with OKXChain @okxweb3

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