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Crypto Job Openings Are Successful!

1/ Compare your Crypto job to something you understand and your team will be successful!

For me, it's the military...

2/ If you're THE leader, you need to know how each individual does their craft.

I often hear people say: "Oh, don't worry about it XYZ knows what he's doing"

Ok, he does, but do you know what to expect?

3/ A commander doesn't necessarily need to be the best individual in his team!


He needs to know how to put his "specialists" to work.

4/ -Manage people -Have an understanding of what they are capable of -Always set the bar high enough so that your team can improve their skills -Plan ahead


I say again COMMUNICATE!

5/ Compliment them when they deserve it and tell them when they fuck up.


If you cuddle them too much, they will get lazy, but if you give them heat all the time, they won't follow you!

6/ Try to build up a team that IS NOT easily offended.

If you shut down an idea and your team talks about it for the rest of the week...You have a problem.

If they give you 5 NEW ideas...They understand that every idea is not a good idea cuz they are champions.

7/ Most important things:

Own your mistakes and always deliver what you promise.

Love your job

Grunt out!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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