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Building the Enthusiasts on Crypto Twitter


Building an audience on crypto Twitter is a challenging task

One key aspect that is often overlooked and not preached as loud as it should is that building the audience here almost always happens on the back of existing communities or influencers



Quality content alone is not enough to build a following.

Even if you produce top-notch content, if you don't have the reach, it's unlikely that people who would appreciate your content will ever see it.

3/ It's also important to understand that crypto Twitter is a crowded space.

There is a lot of competition for attention, so it can be challenging to stand out.

4/ Building your audience along with existing communities and influencers can give you an edge and help you build a following more quickly.

5/ But to do so effectively you need to give them the value they need.

6/ Communities appreciate content about them.

Influencers appreciate engagement on their profiles.

7/ This is why building relationships with other nft community members and influencers is crucial for growing the audience on crypto Twitter

8/ Thanks to their existing reach and exposure, one can expand one's reach and expose the content to a wider audience.

9/ On the other hand, when you become a big account with a large following, even content that is not particularly great will still reach a large audience and be even more appreciated.

10/ Of course, one may say that giveaways are the fastest way to build a following.

But are these followers a true audience or community?

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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