Quai Network: Mefficient Mining Compete with Hash-Based Block Rewards

There are subtle problems that exist in the incentive designs of every existing cryptocurrency. For example, MEV – at Quai, we think we have figured

Quai Quai Network🪙🪙
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Get In on Decentralised Options Project Volare

DeFi is now more important than ever! This is your chance to invest in a decentralised crypto options project that makes advanced trading more access

Uplift Uplift DAO
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MacroDaily Market Recap: Weekly Market Recap

Each week, I drop a "Weekly Market Recap" via the @macrodailyco @SubstackInc with some of the latest trends I'm seeing in macro & markets. ICYMI

Kyle Kyle Musser
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Meet the Co-Head of DeFi’s Digital Currency and Math Firm

Pyratz Crew 🏴‍☠️ Introducing Mohamed Frihat, Co-Head of DeFi at @PyraTzLabs 🔥 Joined PyratzLabs in Nov 2021! Let's discover more about Mohamed 👇 d

PyratzLabs PyratzLabs
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pokedstudio pokedstudio ∞
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Zerion Portfolio Tracker Now Available on Zerion

1/ One of the most utilised platforms for tracking web3 portfolios is Zerion. @phuture_finance is integrated with @zerion, meaning that all existing a

Garplatonov🔺Early Garplatonov🔺Early contributor @ Phuture 🐳
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