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#ICP NFTs are Eating the World

ICP NFTs are Eating the World.

NFTs are the building blocks of the Metaverse.

"Preserving memories as an indestructible tamperproof art canvas NFT on the InternetComputer Blockchain"

A thread ๐Ÿงต๐Ÿ‘‡

Blockchain is the foundational layer for Metaverse

Metaverse is inevitable.

Thanks to ICP being able to host everything on-chain; the data ownership, asset hosting, security, and provenance have never been so efficient.

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My CCC canvas is full of layers and doodles.

Didn't hide my seed phrase in the layers. Although I was tempted to do so. Took quite a while to finish it/stop painting.


I am not an experienced artist but I doodle from time to time.

I am a blogger/builder on the ICP blockchain.

I was lucky enough to get in early into the ICP scene and make friends along the way.

Right now I'm building NFT projects and can't wait to show our vision for the Metaverse to Internet Computer Community.

I was fascinated once I realized how I could document my memories as pixel art on the blockchain.

NFTs are amazing.

The interesting thing about CCC Canvas is that it feels like a living NFT that takes a periodical snapshot of what I was drawing during the time.

Or it can also be described as a machine that records or takes snapshots of memories on this timeline as Pixel-art.

Once I realized that the CCC NFT canvas actually records the pixels when I draw and submit, it made me realize that I could journal my thoughts and my doodles about my journey on the InternetComputer blockchain as pixel art on the canvas.

What's more fascinating is the indestructible and tamperproof nature of smart contracts on ICP will forever preserve my journal & memories on CCC as a canvas.

So beneath all those layers, there are messages and doodles, which I think will be mesmerizing when we look back at the ecosystem after many years.

Kinda like a time-capsule journal I created.

The price of this canvas is purely arbitrary and in no way was created with the intention to make money.

Deep down my intuition tells me that the metaverse on ICP is about more than just the temporary monetary gratifications and will have a significant impact on society.

Metaverse will have a huge impact on

- Education System - Art Industry - Gaming Industry - E-commerce Industry - Social Networking / Communication Industry - Health Industry - Physical World (yes, metaverse will intertwine with the physical world via AR)

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... and much more

Smart contracts open up infinite possibilities to tokenize the world in a secure and decentralized way, which was not possible earlier with legacy web systems

Blockchains are a security tech and โฌ‡๏ธ

"Smart Contracts Will Rule The World"

h/t @dominic_w ICP

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