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August Was Big Month for GTR

gTrade August Recap 🍏

August was a massive month for gTrade!

Here are all the important v6.2 features gTrade released in 5 mins or less, including:

βœ… GNS Staking βœ… gTrade Referral Program βœ… DAI Vault changes βœ… …And v6.3 sneak peeks

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August was big month for gTrade πŸŽ‰

We went from being a relatively unknown project to one of the leaders of the RealYield narrative!

We implemented 2 more ways for gTraders to earn in August:

1. Earn DAI with GNS Single Sided Staking (SSS) 2. Earn GNS via Referral Program

Aside from giving you more ways to earn, we've also increased the size of the pie!

Profit Distribution: β€’ ~602,000 in July β€’ ~713,000 in August

Monthly Traded Volume: β€’ ~818,000,000 in July β€’ ~964,000,000 in August

More volume = more rewards on gTrade

Outside of increased profit, v6.2 saw the release of two more methods for earning yield on gTrade:

1) GNS Single-Sided Staking - to earn DAI 2) The gTrade Referral Program - to earn GNS

We'll quickly touch on them below πŸ‘‡

1) GNS Staking

➑️ SSS rewards gTraders for holding GNS but issues rewards in DAI ( RealYield )

➑️ The value (and peg) of DAI has stood the test of time

➑️ DAI’s decentralized model reduces centralization risk

DAI is reliable, and so are your rewards.

Where do SSS Fees come from?

Not out of thin air!

We’ve β€œre-routed” the old trading fee distribution to pay for SSS Rewards:

1. 40% of market order fees (0.08%) 2. 15% of limit order fees (0.08%)

2) The gTrade Referral Program

Two points of focus:

1. Organic Growth - Incentivize the community to leverage their network in order to increase the number of gTrade users.

2. Inclusivity - Sharing the earning potential with as many user types as possible.

Although becoming a gTrade Ambassador has requirements, anyone can be a gTrade ally by successfully referring an Ambassador!

If you can't stop talking about gTrade at parties, there's earning potential for you right here πŸŽ‰

Other V6.2 Improvements 1. The DAI Vault now only reflects staked DAI:

DAI Vault TVL Before: ➑️ Staked DAI + Trades Negative PnL + Open Trades Collaterals

DAI Vault TVL Now: ➑️ Staked DAI + Trades Negative PnL

2. Market and Limit Orders are simplified: ➑️ Both are 0.08% now, fueling the rewards for GNS Staking.

3. The 0.5% Collateral Closing Fee Removed: ➑️ It’s replaced by the increase in market order fees from 0.06% to 0.08%.

4. UI Improvements: Favorite Pairs System⭐: ➑️ gTrade's UI is now simplifed. Now, only the price updates for your favorite pairs are visible. ➑️ Click "Add Pair" to customize your trading screen!

v6.3 and the path ahead:

Lookbacks is a major update that will mean:

βœ… Guaranteed execution for every type of Limit Order βœ… Will apply to all asset classes (stocks, forex and crypto) βœ… Less slippage for Market Orders

Check out our August Recap Medium Article where we do a deeper dive into all of the updates above.


gTrade August Recap: A Month of Development, New Users, and Real YieldgTrade August Recap: A Month of Development, New Users, and Real Yield

August was a blast to build through, but we're even more excited about Mergetember!

Expect some surprises (that we’re sure you'll love) this month! 🍏

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