“Currency Stablecoin” Can’t Inhibit Global Stablecoins,” Says CMO

🔥 @Quant_Network CMO @AndrewCarrier authored an article yesterday outlining the considerations and benefits of commercial stablecoins. Also included

Greg Greg Lunt
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I Want to Invest in a Bear Market But Doesn’t Work?

VXV up to 1.19, my average price 0.31 XCAD 1.45 My average price 1.01 Trais up to 3.16 my average price 0.99 VRA up to 0.009 my average price 0.0015 Q

FunnellJamie FunnellJamie
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The 'Overledger' Bridge Across the Enterprise Ethereum Bridge

This is not a gimmick! This is part of the solution! Think about it! @galileoprotocol @lcx @quant_network LEOX LCX QNT interoperability overledger

Christian Christian Chrischtl
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Altrader. 18: “I Don’t Understand Being Early”

🧵 I first shared publicly.. AZERO at 10c.. it went to 3.10 QNT at 1.. it went to 420 ZCX at 3c.. it went to 7.30 UOS at 5c.. it went to 2.60 ALBT at

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$QNT Quant Aims to Revolutionize Financial Industry

QNT Quant is a blockchain-based platform that aims to revolutionize the financial industry. It uses the Quant Network to provide a secure and decentra

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