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$REV Is The Biggest Trade Since $DWAC and Here’s What It Means

Want to give a shout out to @eliant_capital on REV.

REV has been maybe the biggest volume trade since DWAC. Saw 170m in volume today.

I keyed on the idea on June 9th. The option chain had no OI. Got one guy that DM'd me wanted to swap DD on the idea - @eliant_capital.


And one maybe one or two likes on the thread. Today, REV making headlines on Bloomberg. You mom's is talking about out after sitting out the market for months.

This is deja vu. No cap, the same thing happened for IRNT. Before the headline and GME / AMC like


attention, there was a thread that no one read. And @eliant_capital and one or two other folks like @AlanStonkson and @McGruber__

And I shit you not, same fucking thing with ISPO. Day before the things had about 20 halts from 10 - 100, had the laid out. Had maybe one


that said 'hey, there might be something to this idea': @eliant_capital.

Markets change. Every good trade pattern get played out and goes to dogshit. There is not too many people that can sniff out a good idea before the move - when the real juice exists.


Every furu can has one recipe: - pull up daily moves, sort by descending - shout out anything making a massive move - if it continues to run, mic drop - if it dies, never mention again


There is an handful that can do DD and recognize a trade *before* it happens, when it actually matters.


peony king on Twitterpeony king on Twitter
peony king on Twitterpeony king on Twitter

everything don't hit, not even close

but you greatly increase your odds by putting in the time to filter out real work from the noise


in the trenches, not fucking leaving


also - @pennycheck.

Known him for two years. In terms of sheer prolificness, no one is even close. Every day for two straight years (maybe much earlier), he has been a straight firehose of novel ideas.


There was a two week period where he was making too much money handicapping sports and he took a sabbatical from trading. I called him up. Threatened to tell his wife how much he was wagering, if he did not get back to equities. Next day, end of sabbatical.


If the trenches have trenches, that's where @pennycheck

has been at 2am the past 600 consecutive days.


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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