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Let’s settle this now – We’ve just started the Mint Price Debate

A question I've asked myself with several other project founders:

1 year ago: SOL was at 200 6 months ago: SOL was at 120 3 weeks ago: SOL was at 38

Today SOL is ay 13.

Could we justify a mint price of 10 SOL aka: not even 1 SOL a year ago?

@Ryeguy94138733 500k last year was 2500 SOL

Today it’s 38 461 SOL

It is what it is, but the solana price shouldn’t affect what a certain company would need to develop their project in a correct way.

@TomCallahan_ The project needs to pay its staff: and these people don't work for nothing, they have to pay their bills, rent, daily life etc. and these things have a value in dollars / euros and not in sol (for the moment at least).

@TomCallahan_ 1 SOL is not equal 1 SOL We need to stop this bs if we want to move forward.

@TomCallahan_ Couldn't agree more*

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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