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The Solana of Solana: Solving the Crypto Community’s Lull

1/ Buying SOL. Here's why.

Even tho I've been in crypto since 2017, I've never used Solana chain or even had a Phantom wallet (not into Alabama-led PVP ponzis, NFTs, and don't have to be paid to walk).

But I've been to a couple of @hackerhouses

2/ What I've seen there makes me feel Solana will survive and find its niche, unlike most other new-generation million-tps chains. Because they managed to build a community.

It was interesting talking to people at these hacker houses.

3/ They are mostly young people who had their first exposure to crypto with Solana. For me, it was refreshing to see people that didn't care about @VitalikButerin Solidity, merge, and all things eth that we're used to.

They had internal jokes and culture.

4/ And many were building really cool stuff. Solana Foundation was also smart enough to base the expansion strategy around things that actually need high throughput and not just forks of Ethereum apps.

5/ So, Alameda's failure is an excellent chance to buy into disbelief and FUD, imo. If I bet on just one alt L1, it would be SOL. Vamos.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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