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Top NFT Volume: MagicEden, CCN News, FTX, Bankruptcy Hearing, and Music Festival?

gm gm!

SOL 24h snapshot

🔊Volume: MagicEden holding strong from yesterday 191k sol / 2.69M with 91% market share

⬆️Top NFT volume: 🥇 DeGods - 38,400 sol with 115 sales 🥈 y00ts - 27,700 sol with 249 sales 🥉 ABC - 11,600 sol with 319 sales

📰NFT news:

• Big sweep on Degods & y00ts from @HGESOL

• MagicEden getting lots of press after announcement of Polygon partnership (techcrunch, decrypt, coindesk all featured stories)

•FTX Bankruptcy Hearing

HGE.SOL 🔤🧙‍♂️ on Twitter
NFT marketplace Magic Eden integrates with Polygon to grow blockchain gaming
FTX Bankruptcy Hearing: Bahamas Liquidators Transfer Case to Delaware, Creditor Names Remain Redacted - Decrypt

🪙Crypto: SOL is having a great day up 14.8% overnight, ETH and BTC also having slight upticks

👑Leaders • DeGods back over 300 sol after HGE sweeps collection

• y00ts t00bs continue to climb now just under 200 sol with 22% left to be revealed. 9 1/1 still left to mint


• Music festival NFT @tomorrowlandnft 2nd collection 'The reflection of love' is up 139% with 11 sales overnight. Owning gives you utility of access to secret shows and other perks.

• Tay Keith @AnybodiesNFT NFTs are still selling despite many having been redeemed already.

Please check before buying.

Floor on unredeemed is 5.4 sol vs 1.9 sol for redeemed

ᴋᴀʏʟᴏʀ on Twitter

📈SPL: DUST & FORGE back up overnight. During the peak fear around FTX, DUST bottomed out at 0.14

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