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Enigma (Outlaw)

Enigma (Outlaw)

Illustration & Animation by @yg4h_ Music Produced by @Fevra_

> 1/1 > 2 SOL Reserve > 0.2 Tick > 24-Hour Auction > pNFT for every bidder > Holder of the edition & 1/1 receives a print

Nov 24th, 4:20pm EST | 9:20pm UTC | 1:20pm PST

Exclusively on @formfunction

Enigma (Outlaw)

"A bounty hunter arrives in an inhospitable place, desert, wind and earth swirls, no man's land. Enigma, what is he doing there? Who is he looking for? The hand resting on his weapon only indicates that his prey is close, very close."

Enigma">@fevra3eFyANXeGG5op7XiLneWo3BcpPtmKuGJgBskmMhYLHcWwidth1368height1800Enigma (Outlaw) | Formfunction - NFT Marketplace

🪐 Enigma (Outlaw) - Auction Update 🪐

The first bid is in from @jnguyen168 for the reserve of 2 SOL.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support man! 🤝

23h 44m remain... ⏲️

@jnguyen168 🪐 Enigma (Outlaw) - Auction Update 🪐

@jnguyen168 has been outbid by @SolArtCollector with a 2.2 SOL bid 🔫

We appreciate both of your support friends 🫂

🪐 Enigma (Outlaw) - Auction Update 🪐

@SolArtCollector has been outbid by

@EsthersEscape with a 3 SOL bid 🔫

Thank you both so much for your support


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