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JPMorgan Signals $JITO at $650, Receive From JITO For Revenience

So here is why I consider my SOL @solana to be stake in JITO @jito_sol 🕵️💸🔥

A Thread🧵

@jito_labs is the first MEV infrastructure company building high performance systems to scale @solana and maximize validator rewards🤝🫡

As JitoSolanaClient you can earn more revenue by utilizing your hardware with the open source of Jito Solana Validator client🔥 Juicy right? 🍹

@jito_sol builds the most profitable and efficient blocks for validators by using their Jito block engines💵🚨 BTC JITO Sol

I know for sure @jito_sol will play a big role for the Solana Ecosystem with the product it provides I do believe its work will be soon be recognize💎🚨 SOL JITO JITO @jito_labs

As of the Moment Jito has a:

TVL Pool: 312966 💎 Validators: 20🔥 Stakers: 489🤝

Join our Socials and we will bring you to the moon🌕🚀 Website:

Twitter: @jito_sol Wer to stake:

@jito_labs @jito_sol @solana

MEV Powered Stake Pool
MEV Powered Stake Pool
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