1/6 🌍 🚀 SKELLYFAM MIGRATION INCOMING🚀 🌎 The ☠️Skeleton Punks☠️ are on their way to their new home on Terra 2.0! 🥳 Please ensure you read and follo

Skeleton Skeleton Punks
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LuNA Stakes Their Holders on 0.9/2200; Becomes Terra Validators

1. Allow us to introduce ourselves to the LUNA community! LUNAStaker is excited to join in as Terra validators to further promote a decentralized env

LUNAStaker LUNAStaker
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Weekly Altcoin News Update: Osmosis Analysis

Catch up on the latest news with the Terra/Osmosis: Weekly Report Have a great weekend ❤️ Terra LUNA Osmosis OSMO

Edwin Edwin
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Altcoin 2.0 Needs A Native Stablecoin (Non Algo)

Terra 2.0 NEEDS a Native Stablecoin (non algo) Here’s why 👇 🧵 @terra_money Luna Terra_Luna

Deebs Deebs DeFi
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A Huge Group of Unintentionated Airdrops by Global Airdrops

A huge number of groups have been unfairly left out of the LUNA 2 airdrop. How does terra expect to get support from its own community of LUNAtics w

PyInvesting PyInvesting 🌑
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Splash of Justin Sun's New Stunt: Who Is He?

I investigated Justin Sun's new stablecoin USDD, which is trying to be the next LUNA and already has a 723M market cap. Here's what I found out🧵 (NE

Coffeezilla Coffeezilla
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