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Six Catastrophic Movements, A Recap of Yesterday’s Terra

Terra Weekly 10 🛰

•Smart Airdrops, Interchain Moves

And much more in 🧵👇 Luna TerraLuna Cosmos @stablekwon

2. Terra Website Redesign!

•Ecosystem Portal-See all the teams building on Terra

•Developer Portal-Guides, Resources

•Step by Step wallet setup guide

•Analytics @tfm_com @coinhall_org @SmartStake & more 👇🏻

3. Capapult Whitepaper

•SOLID stablecoin will be a CDP & minted/borrowed by depositing interest earning collateral (LunaX)

•Stability is driven by arbitrage

•CAPA will be distributed to lockdrop participants and luna stakers

4. Stably Requests a Community Grant to build a Stablecoin & On/Off Ramp

• USDS Stablecoin backed 1:1 with USD

•On/Off Ramp for Fiat to Crypto to connect Terra to other TradFi and Crypto Ecosystems

5. Astroport eyes an Interchain move 👀

•A week ago they asked the community what Cosmos chains they should support

•Now, they published an article below on the need for both AMMs and CLOBs in Cosmos

•Will we see a Astroport AMM and CLOB hybrid on Cosmos??

6. Y-Foundry tells us more about Community Vaults

•YFD token governance, can lock up for fYFD and more voting power

•Strategist & boosters earn largest share of fees from vaults

-Strategists: propose ideas for vaults -Boosters:Fund the vaults. Also receive a unique NFT

7. Terra Poker announches launch date September 22! ♣️

8. Zodiac Landing Page is live. Curious what theyre building?

•Split LP tokens into Yield Only & Principal Only

•Principal Tokens: investors acquire LP tokens at discount &hold until maturity

•Yield Tokens: investors get a return from trading fees with no Impermanent Loss

9. I talked to one of the founders @_Astro_Heroes and here’s what I learned:

•Focused on first and foremost building a fun gaming experience

-Competitive Battle Royale & a Casual/Social Metaverse

•Gameplay teaser/ roadmap this month

•More details from me in a future 🧵

10. @galactic_punks are back on Terra! Listed on Knowhere

@GalacticSwamp also makes its return to Terra

11. Speaking of NFTs: Random Earth Relaunched on Terra

•Currently features @Skeleton_Punks and @galactic_punks

12. Valkyrie is developing Smart Airdrops with @TP_TerraPoker

•Whats a Smart Airdrop? -Rewards users only for directly interacting/engaging with protocol

-They are working the specific conditions now

-A Smart Airdrop Pool was created for unpurchased TPT in the ICO

13. Integration of @osmosiszone on Coinhall! 🧪

•Over 50 new tokens and 680 pairs

•Why wouldn’t you just use Osmosis Zone?

-Staking with Coinhall can give you 0 fee swaps, alerts, and analytics

14. Sneak Peek of the Privacy Mixer on Redacted 👇🏻

•Send LUNA between wallets anonymously using Blade, the mixer Dapp

•RED token holders get % of the mixing fees on Blade. Public ICO coming soon to

15. Apollo DAO is looking towards the Future

•Announced Closing Vaults on Terra Classic

•They will release a full post on the future of Apollo within the week

•Their current focus will be Liquid Staking & Apollo Safe on Cosmos

16. Eris Updates

•Supporting Terra v2 and Classic

•New web page

•Amplifier:Stake to auto-compound rewards & get a Liquid Staking Token

•Extractor: Deposit your Liquid Amp Tokens to donate your yield elsewhere

•Space on this with @dr_doscoin 👇🏻

Orbital Command (🌎,🌔) on TwitterOrbital Command (🌎,🌔) on Twitter

17. The Upgrades don’t stop for Terra

•New Visualization to display Code in user friendly format @codehike_

•Beginner Guides

•Developer Tutorials(mint NFT, Terrain Setup)

18. I had a great chat with

@rebel_defi @EdwinDMonroy @JGnft_is_me @veerekt talking all things Terra 👇🏻

19. After a long day/week, I always find the energy and time to sit down and write these. DeFi is my passion and its a pleasure to know all of you.

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