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Join the Community: We’re Not Done With Bitcoin

Terra Rebels would never have worked for so long unpaid unless they were secretly funded by TFL. Their plan is for LUNA to steal the entire LUNC Community by (1) creating apparent instability and fear, (2) proposing an alliance when people crave hope. TFL = TR. Prove me wrong.

Cont: LUNC DAO would never have mentioned DK or LUNA if they wanted to maximize profit, because it’s caused people to unstake from them in anger. Therefore they are getting paid by an external entity. Likely TFL funded. They are a spin-off group with an agenda identical to TR.

Why do you think people like @4lex_4sh4w and his cronies operated “non-TR” groups and spent so much time pushing proposals to mint more LUNC? Same agenda; disrupt The Community to make LUNA look like the better option. Same story with influencers now suddenly mentioning LUNA.

Not going to name them, but we all know who these influencers are. Now they are pushing DK and parity with LUNA down our throats. Think it’s a coincidence? Nope. Planned since the start. This is the propaganda playbook: first win Community trust, then convert them to your cause.

LUNC should remain independent. We should have nothing to do with LUNA ever. We cannot allow their plan to work. We don’t need to run to Do Quon. Because we have one thing no other chain has: Community. It’s easy to forget this when the price goes down. That’s what they want.

It makes everyone who believes in the Community angry because people actually believe the lies TR, @4lex_4sh4w Bruce and others push. They made the future seem uncertain. They support the dumping of the market. They keep proposing DK and LUNA as the solution as it dumps further.

Remember how all propaganda works. They repeat the same slogans again and again. Look at what is being repeated:

1. “Future of TR is uncertain” 2. “DK is innocent” 3. “We need parity” “We need an alliance” “Twin Moons”

People are in fear so they actually believe these slogans.

Why do they believe it?

Because they have been manipulated to believe this is the only solution.

I am here to tell you there is another way: The Community.

We unite as a Community

The Community builds Utility

We don’t need DK, or LUNA, or anyone. We already have Community.

We need to stand strong against the forces that try to manipulate us and impose a dystopian sheep herding and forced economy on us at this time.

They are sophomoric sycophants.

Infantile power grabbers with a bottomless appetite for control.

They harm others to get their way.

IF we stand together, LUNC can succeed as an INDEPENDENT chain. Where the COMMUNITY builds UTILITY. We don’t need to cry for help from the SYCOPHANTS manipulating us. This happened when we were abandoned in May. Let’s REFUSE to let it happen again.

This time the COMMUNITY WINS.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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