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Bitcoin, Altcoins and the Evolution of Algo Stable

1)Thoughts on TRX & USDD news

After Terra's Columbus-5 upgrade in which swapped LUNA begun being burned the price nearly 2x'd in the preceeding months, during a btc implosion. Will 🌩 strike twice?

A lure of 30% will bring more volume to tron which already has TRC20USDT &.

2)processes ~10bn daily vol. A sure advantage.

It will slightly deviate from UST in that all its treasury reserves will be decentralized. UST currently holds USDT & USDC which are backed by fiat cash.

Will this be a case of evolution of Algo stables or another pretender?

3) How will Terrra react to the higher APY & what does this mean for the overall industry?

IMO the evolution is welcomed but with risk. On one hand the more each crypto project supports other decentralized assets, the stronger the industry should become.

However, ....

4) Its becoming a rabbit hole. Can algo stables hold their peg, can the subsequent swap assets maintain potential sell pressures.

What happens if btc pulls a blackswan down? Does the bubble bust as UST treasury flatlines & its impact kills the cycle?

5) Verdict: Im staying away from both tron & luna as I dont have a full understanding of future impact.

I understand if you decide to ride the trx train S/T when it has momentum but stay smart with R/R

It will take time to decipher if this is evolution or dissolution.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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